First Quantum Minerals is a major copper producer with also substantial amounts of gold and nickel in its production mix. The company has invested quite heavily in growth and as the huge Cobre Panama project is nearing the end of the construction phase, First Quantum’s free cash flow will sky-rocket. First Quantum is listed on the TSX with FM as its ticker symbol, and on the London Stock Exchange with FQM as its ticker symbol.

Bonterra Energy (BNE.TO) is one of the Canadian oil and gas producers with the lowest production costs in its sector. This allows it to pay a very handsome dividend, but the main question obviously is whether or not this dividend remains sustainable when the oil and gas price are relatively low. Bonterra Energy has its main listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange where it’s trading with BNE as its ticker symbol. The average daily volume is approximately 138,000 shares.

Merck is one of the leading medical sciences companies in the world, with a total annual revenue of well in excess of 15B EUR. Don’t confuse the company with the American ‘Merck’ (MRK), which is the American part of German Merck, established during the Second World War. Merck KgAa is trading on the German stock exchanges with MRK as its ticker symbol.

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