ComCap Media

ComCap Media is a unique financial platform that focuses on providing compact financial news with high quality content versus mainstream low quality content. It is our understanding that quality is always better than quantity. The platform is covering small- and midcaps with significant upside potential from all over the world but also larger companies that offer an interesting dividend yield.


The platform is mainly consisting of three sections: an editorial division comprising of the best newsletter writers available, the video division being led by Georg Holzach, a well known moderator from Germany who is also heading “The Round Table”, “The Daily Market Talk” & “The Market Report”. The social media division is being led by Tobias Haas, the former CTO of EMFIS who has extensive knowledge in distributing financial news/articles in the social media networks.


The ComCap Media team consists of people with 120 years of combined experience from the financial sectors out of Europe, Asia as well as North America. The platform aims to become the number one information source for investors and traders with a strong focus on small- and midcaps.

The platform constantly selects interesting companies with high upside potential and features them in their monthly round table show to introduce these financial opportunities to their audience.

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